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Mini online blackjack game:

Mini Blackjack Game

Casinos long ago figured out how to set up every gambling game so that players can learn them quickly and win often. They know that people play more when they think they are experts who have discovered a secret that no one else has. Blackjack is regarded by many as a game that is easy to win, which is one reason it is so well liked.  Actually, although people frequently beat the dealer, the payout is set up so that people ultimately pay more to play than they win. Gambling experts know that, eventually, the average player will never win more than he loses, so they recommend adopting a new attitude instead.

A gambler can get a real emotional rush while playing Blackjack.  This is the one game in the casino that puts the player in charge.  He can draw as many cards as he wants and even declare what some of them will be worth.  He plays against only one other person – the dealer – so he can concentrate all of his efforts on beating him.  No wonder the game is so addictive.

Experts warn, however, that the player is always facing bad odds.  If a gambler is sitting with 16 points in his hand, 32 cards out of the 52 in the deck will give him over 21 points.  If he is holding 15 points, 28 cards, or more than half will make him go bust.  The dealer, of course, faces exactly the same odds.  The slight edge that makes sure the house will collect the most money at the end of the day, is the fact that, in case the dealer and the gambler wind up with the same number of points, the dealer is considered the winner.  That means that the player must take more chances.

In most cases, if the dealer stops after drawing only two cards then he has at least17 points.  Since all ties go to the dealer, the gambler must take another card even if he as 17 points. The odds are more than 50% that he will go bust, but there is also a 100% chance that he will lose if he doesn’t.

The only way the average person can win at Blackjack is to play for fun and regard having a good time as winning.  All a player has to do is make sure he quits before he loses more than he can afford, have an enjoyable evening and go home with enough money to pay the bills.  That is actually a good philosophy for life in general.  Always gamble responsibly.

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