Diamond 7s Slot Game

playing-fun-slot-gamesDiamond 7s (or Diamond 777 as it is also known) is a run of the mill classic slot machine that has been designed and developed by Microgaming. This particular 3 reel slot has a medium size jackpot, moderate sized wagers and contains nothing but the typical icons you would expect to find on any given classic slot game, including a surplus of 7 icons. If you want to talk about the most basic 3 reel slot you can find, Diamond 7s would be pretty sure candidate for the title.

How to play Diamond 7s slots online

This generic classic slot is played over 3 reels, with just 1 payline in the game. Players must first choose their coin denominations, which in this slot; vary from $0.25, up to $5. Then they must choose how many coins per spin they wish to stake, with 3 being the maximum permitted. With that, the stakes will be set, somewhere between the minimum of $0.25 and maximum of $15 per spin.

Diamond 7s Slot Game

What about the icons? Well, you already know that they are typical classic slot symbols. By typical, it is meant that a range of cherries, single bars, double bars, triple bars, and two types of 7s are present on the reels. The two types of 7s do very different things, with the red sevens offering top payouts and the diamond encrusted sevens being responsible for the jackpot.

Diamond 7s Slot Bonus Features

We have mentioned that this slot is a classic slot, haven’t we? It should come as no surprise then, to learn that there are no special features at all, incorporated into the design of this slot. Players are instead going to have to rely on the standard icons in the game. As far as the options go, there is a Bet Max button, but that’s about it, really.

Diamond 7s slot Payouts

Given that you can wager up to three coins per spin, it only makes sense, that there are three separate columns of payouts, with each column appropriate for whatever wager you have decided to make. The first of these columns is for single coin stakes, whilst the second and third columns are for 2 and 3 coin wagers. The difference between the three payout columns is vast, and is often worth two or three times the single coin payout.

Standard payout winning combinations include any 1 cherry, any 2 cherries, 3 cherries, any 3 bars, 3 single bars, 3 double bars, 3 triple bars, any 3 sevens and 3 red sevens.

The Diamond 7s jackpot

The diamond encrusted 7s are the icons that gamers will need to secure on the single payline the game offers, in order to win the jackpot.  If the gamer is playing with a single coin stake, they are only going to 500 coins. However if they have 2 or 3 coins wagered, this amount rises to 1,000 or 2,500 coins respectively.

Places where you can play Diamond 7s Slot Game

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Other notes on Diamond 7s

Players should not underestimate just how important of a decision it is, when they come to wager their number of coins. The differences between winning 10 coins for 3 single bars, might hardly seem much different from the 30 coins you might win for the same combination with 3 coins. However, just go back to that jackpot situation. 500 coins as opposed to 2,500, the difference there is massive.

If you happen to be playing with all 3 coins and with the maximum wager staked, you could be walking away with roughly $12,500 in real money in your pocket. Players should remember this above all else, when playing this very elementary classic slot machine game.

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